A letter to Modern Modeling Methods conference attendees

Unfortunately, the Modern Modeling Methods conference is not being held on the UCONN campus on in late May, 2019, as was originally planned. The University will no longer allow us to use any dorm rooms within 2 or 3 weeks of graduation. (They need that time to clean, repaint, repair, etc.)  In addition, the hotel on campus was recently purchased by another company, and it is being renovated during the summer of 2019. This left no housing options within 5 miles of campus.  I spent the fall exploring other options for venues.  However, ultimately, I realized that postponing the 2019 MMM conference was the best, most practical option.  Bengt Muthen has graciously agreed to come in 2020 to do a keynote and a conference workshop, and I have sent keynote and workshop invitations to a few other really great scholars. (Check back soon to see who else has confirmed for 2020!)  Given the lack of dormitory space prior to Memorial Day,  starting in 2020, the Modern Modeling Methods conference will be held the week AFTER Memorial day I hope that having almost 18 months of advance notice will ease the disruption of this date change.  The plan is to permanently move MMM to the first week in June– from 2020 onward, the conference will be two weeks later.  I apologize to those of you who have obligations at that time. Sadly, no date is good for everyone. I had been planning to have a really special MMM in 2020 because it was going to be the 10th annual MMM.  Even though next year won’t be the 10th annual MMM, I still plan to make MMM 2020 a really special event— with great keynoters, great food, and great presenters and participants.  I hope that you will join us for MMM 2020 at UCONN  June 1-4, 2020. I promise that it will be worth the trip to Storrs, CT!


D. Betsy McCoach