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The Modern Modeling Methods (M3) conference is an interdisciplinary conference designed to showcase the latest modeling methods and to present research related to these methodologies.

The 2024 Modern Modeling Methods conference will be held June 24-June 26, 2024.  Next year's keynote speakers include Denny Borsboom. Monday features a full-day preconference workshop by Sacha Epskamp on Psychometric network modeling with the psychonetrics R package.

Registration for MMM2024 is open until June 17, 2024.

History of MMM: The first Modern Modeling Methods conference was held at UCONN in 2011. The conference draws approximately 200 scholars from across the globe. M3 provides a unique opportunity for methodologists and researchers from a variety of disciplines who conduct research on or using modeling techniques to network and share their work with each other. M3 2023 featured keynote presentations by Bengt Muthen and Ellen Hamaker.  The 2023 conference archive contains descriptions of the talks and posters and links to pdfs of slides/posters if available.

Modern Modeling Methods 2024 conference registration is now open!

Registration for the 2024 Modern Modeling Methods conference is open until June 17, 2024:

MMM 2024 Registration Site



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Multilevel Modeling Methods Book Supplementary Materials

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Introduction to Modern Modeling Methods Book Supplementary Materials

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