KBYG Brochure

Please note: the Dorm contact phone number on the brochure is incorrect:

If you are arriving between 5:30pm and 8:00am, call 860-234-2181 for registration. This is the evening on-duty housing number, and someone will meet you to check you in. Having said that, calling a bit in advance is recommended to expedite the check-in process, especially late at night. So, for example, if you are arriving on a late night or early morning flight, I recommend calling the housing desk from the airport to let them know what time you plan to arrive at the dorm. If you need to reach housing during the day, the phone number to use is 860-486-5780, which is for the Werth Desk.

For those staying in the dorms, to reach housing—-

  • Evening Phone (5:30pm- 8:00am):  860-234-2181
  • Daytime Phone (8:00am-5:00pm): 860-486-5780